Christian Education

New Classes Open - 18 October to 22 November


Our level 1 and level 3 classes are now open for registration.


Level 1 - Witnessing and Evangelism

In this course, we want to prepare and produce believers that are effective witnesses for Christ through evangelism. We believe that the Great Commission is for all Christians and that evangelism is a core portion of it. The Risen Lord wants His well-intentioned followers to be “fishers of men”. This entails the dual aspects of witnessing and evangelism.


Level 3 - The Hard Sayings of Christ

This course catered for mature believers and ministry leaders will focus on the hard sayings of Jesus which sufficiently represent critical issues all believers or disciples should know, believe and act on. The objective of our study is to try and discover the profound teachings of Jesus in His unique and at times oblique sayings.


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