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  1. alvin 2020年04月21日 星期二 11:31上午 回复

    Times are bad. Hope that Church can open soon. So we can gather again. Feelings is different praying at home.


  2. warren richards 2018年11月10日 星期六 08:20上午 回复

    Hello guys how are you guys so much keep up the good work pastor glen.

  3. Kai Falck 2017年08月10日 星期四 12:26上午 回复

    I thank Rev Glen Lim for taking care of me and driving me home to Euphony Gardens after a meeting at Elim when I was in Singapore 2010-2012. Now I’m back in Norway, but I still have the cup holders I received from Elim Care Cells. I miss you all. God bless. Let us prepare for out exit and the Rapture. Maran Atha!

  4. Jonah Yonjan 2014年03月16日 星期日 02:40下午 回复

    I am glad for what God has been doing through Elim Church in Singapore. I am also thankful to Rev. Glen Lim, who has been a blessing in my early ministry life. I remember in 1996 I had a time to travel in one of the remote villages for a conference with him. I was helping him to interpret the whole sermon that he shared with believers and leaders. While he was preaching and I was translating to the participants, God’s power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit came upon me. I am so thankful to him and his leadership. I was in Singapore in 2002 when the building construction was going on. Now, God’s people are worshiping in His Holy place. I am here in Manila as a missionary and studying in the leadership school. Please bring this message to Rev. Glen Lim and let him know that I am still remembering him and praying for him.

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