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  1. vig 2017年06月07日 星期三 12:30上午 回复

    Hi.. I am interested in water baptism. May I know the class timings for the preparatory class

    • Elim Church 2017年07月21日 星期五 10:41上午 回复

      Hi Vig,
      If you are interested in water baptism, we would advise you to come and visit us during our services so that we can get to know you and to explain more directly. Do check out our service timings and we hope to see you soon!

      God Bless! Webmaster.

  2. Jenn 2017年02月07日 星期二 02:34下午 回复

    Hi, I would like to attend your church english service this coming Sunday at 1030am and will bring our New helper along who is from Myanmar and we would like her to attend the Myanmar service and an opportunity to know Christ.

    Is there anyone you can kindly link us up with, who is also attending the Myanmar service at 1030am on Sunday so that she can help us befriend our helper and help her integrate into the group and know more fellow Christians there.

    Please kindly let me know if you can help us, thanks.

    I can be reached also at 91882672



    • Elim Church 2017年02月12日 星期日 09:15上午 回复

      Hi Jenn and KN,

      I have forwarded your enquiries to our Myanmar pastor already. She should have gotten in touch with you.
      Thanks for your visit!

      Blessings, Webmaster

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