Serve In A Ministry

It’s a great privilege and honor to serve God via ministry involvement in the Church. God has given you gifting and abilities to enable you to serve with passion and be involved in His Church. To help you begin, here are some ministries in Elim Church you can serve.

Worship Ministry

Our worship team aims to create atmospheres where people can come and encounter God through the creative arts. If you love Jesus and are interested in the creative arts, be it music, sound, or visual arts, we invite you to come and join us! There are positions for both experienced and non-experienced individuals.

  • Musicians / Vocalists
    Leading the congregation in worship in all of our adult and youth services.
  • Audio Team
    Technical team responsible for mixing at the sound desk during all our services. Great for those who love adjusting and tweaking sound to provide an exceptional audio experience.
  • Projections Team
    Team responsible for on-screen projection of worship lyrics, message slides and recorded videos. Great for those familiar with presentation software and good at watching cues to transition between slides.
  • Video Team
    Technical team responsible for operation of and transitioning between cameras for live feeds to overflow rooms. Great for those who love operating video cameras or directing videos.
  • Visual Design Team
    Involves meeting the visual design needs of the church, which can include design of announcement slides, posters, flyers, promotional videos, etc. Great for those with a talent in graphic design and video production.





Ushers Ministry

Make all who come to Elim feel welcome and at home right from the moment they enter the building. If you love to meet  and welcome people, this is the ministry for you.

  • Ushers
    You see yourself greeting and welcoming visitors, guests and fellow members with warm heartfelt welcome.Help people to locate a seat and settle into service comfortably.
  • Traffic Marshalls
    You care and see the important of smooth traffic flow in and out of the church premises. Love to facilitate orderly parking ensuring member’s safety in the church.



Elim Children Ministry

You are energetic; love to minister to children and are passionate about nurturing and shaping young lives for the Lord.

  • Teacher / Helper
    You love teaching God’s love in a simple and yet creative ways.You enjoy leading and encouraging children to experience God. You enjoy supporting teachers in creating and preparing a safe environment for learning.



  • At our Welcome Centre
    You are one who has a knack of preparing simple snacks and serving beverages for Elim guests to savor and relax in an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, after each Sunday service at the Welcome Centre. And you know your contribution makes a great difference in making the guests feel welcome in Elim.
  • At E-Cafe
    You are good in cooking and / or love to serve others by manning food stations on Sundays after the services.



If you want to realize your gifting and passion, or just want to find out more about the opportunities available for you, do contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly!


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