Our Pastors, Staff and Church Board

At Elim Church, every one of our pastors is God’s gift, each having the call of God and equipped by Him to do various different ministries well.


Pastoral Team

Senior Pastor: Rev. Glen Lim (Bottom row, 3rd from left)
Executive Pastor: Rev. Peter Lui (Bottom row, 2nd from left)
Director of Care Cells /
Regional Pastor (English):
Rev. Maureen Seow (Bottom row, 1st from left)
Regional Pastor (Chinese): Rev. Raymond Loh (Bottom row, 1st from right)
Regional Pastor (Myanmar): Rev. Esther Cin (Middle row, 2nd from left)
Head of Ministry – Family Life: Rev. Wilson Phang (Top row, 2nd from left)
Head of Ministry – Youth: Ps. Catherine Chan (Middle row, 3rd from right)
Head of Ministry – Children: Rev. Jean Lim (Middle row, 3rd from left)
Head of Ministry – Worship: Derek Foo (Top row, 3rd from left)
Head of Ministry – Community Outreach: Ps. Monica Choo (Middle row, 1st from right)

Ministry Support

English Region: Rev. Derek Sim (Top row, 1st from right)
Rev. Celine Tan (Middle row, 4th from right)
Chinese Region: Ps. Tan Too Chong (Top row, 2nd from right)
Dorcas Lim (Middle row, 4th from left)

Administrative Support

Office Manager: Kelly Choo (Top row, 1st from left)
Accounts Supervisor: Gwen Tay (Middle row, 2nd from right)
Admin Assistant: Iris Aw (Middle row, 1st from left)
Admin Support: Dorcas Lim (Middle row, 4th from left)
General Maintenance: Ps. Tan Too Chong (Top row, 2nd from right)


Church Board

As Elim Church is registered under the Company’s Act as a “Company Limited by Guarantee”, and also governed by the Charities Act, the Church Board serves as her directors and Board of Trustees. Presently, Elim Church Board comprises of the following:


Back Row (L to R): Mr. Max Vijaya, Mr. Derek On, Mr. Joe Tan, Rev. Glen Lim,
Mr. Ting Wooi Teak, Mr. Chua Kim Kat, Dr. Michael Tay
Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Natascha Lim, Ms. Joanna Tan

The Company Secretary is Ms Michelle Tan, a lawyer by profession.


  1. Kai Falck Thursday August 10th, 2017 12:26 AM Reply

    I thank Rev Glen Lim for taking care of me and driving me home to Euphony Gardens after a meeting at Elim when I was in Singapore 2010-2012. Now I’m back in Norway, but I still have the cup holders I received from Elim Care Cells. I miss you all. God bless. Let us prepare for out exit and the Rapture. Maran Atha!

  2. Jonah Yonjan Sunday March 16th, 2014 02:40 PM Reply

    I am glad for what God has been doing through Elim Church in Singapore. I am also thankful to Rev. Glen Lim, who has been a blessing in my early ministry life. I remember in 1996 I had a time to travel in one of the remote villages for a conference with him. I was helping him to interpret the whole sermon that he shared with believers and leaders. While he was preaching and I was translating to the participants, God’s power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit came upon me. I am so thankful to him and his leadership. I was in Singapore in 2002 when the building construction was going on. Now, God’s people are worshiping in His Holy place. I am here in Manila as a missionary and studying in the leadership school. Please bring this message to Rev. Glen Lim and let him know that I am still remembering him and praying for him.

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