Our History & Heritage

Pre War Elim

The first Assembly of God church began as a village church work in 1928 when Assemblies of God missionaries, Rev Cecil M and Edith Jackson arrived in Singapore. As more were added to the church there was a constant need to relocate to large premises. In 1937, Rev and Mrs Lawrence McKinney were sent to Singapore to replace the Jacksons and embarked on a building project for a more permanent premise for the church. After months of prayer, a property at 1079 Serangoon Road was secured.

It was a bungalow, with a large compound, surrounded by an abundance of coconut and fruit trees. Pastor McKinney named it Elim Church Assembly of God because he was reminded that the Israelites, led by Mosses “… came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and threescore and ten palm trees; and they encamped there by the waters” (Exodus 15:27 KJV). On 20 October 1939, a Dedication Service was held.

During the Japanese Occupation in December 1941 when most of the missionaries had been evacuated, Pastor McKinney appointed lay leaders to take charge of Elim Church. They were Bro Lye Eng Hong, Bro Victor Manny, Bro Arthur P Abeysekera and Sis Yeo Bock Hoe. By the grace of God, the church continued with its usual morning and evening services with singing, prayer and the preaching of the Word till the end of the war. Ultimately, a remnant remained, as the church survived those turbulent times of suffering, death and many personal sacrifices.

Post War Elim

Subsequently, the post war generation of missionaries returned with the intent of re-establishing the scattered church. With evangelism as the thrust for church growth, missionaries arrived with their families to assume the pastorate of Elim Church. These were Rev and Mrs Alfred A McGrew (1949 – 1953), Rev R B and Avalone Cavaness (1954 – 1966), Rev David and Betty Baker (1968 – 1969).

It was during the pastorship of the Rev Fred and Rita Abeysekera (1969 – 1974) that a new sanctuary was built which transformed the original bungalow to a church building. Its Dedication Service was held on October 20 1973 – 34 years from the when the original Elim Church was dedicated!

Rev Cresmerio and Norma Fernandez (1976 – 1987) arrived from Manila to assume pastorate of Elim Church. By 1981, a Chinese Service had been initiated, followed by a Tamil Service.

From 1987 – 2006, Rev Dr Fred and Margaret Seaward took over as pastors and took the Missions Programme of Elim Church to new heights through church-planting (locally and overseas) and providing financial support and manpower resources to various other missionary endeavors. The church embarked on a building programme in 2000 and had its first service in the new sanctuary on 25 August 2002.

From 1 July 2006, Rev Glen Lim assumed the role as Senior Pastor of Elim Church. Working alongside him is his wife, Ps Jean Lim, who oversees the Children’s Ministry.


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    God to hear the wonderful works of the lord in Singapore on the how the church has grown to where it is today-from Zambia

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