Very often we take for granted that the potted plants, garden or landscape around our church premises will grow and care by themselves, not knowing that it is not the case where real plants are involved.

Hence, to meet this need, e-Gardening ministry was formed in March 2009. Ministry members meet every alternate Saturday to do outdoor gardening, landscaping and pot new indoor plants to beautify the interior of the church.

As e-Gardening ministry is a volunteer ministry, members can participate at their own dispensation. Some may get involved indirectly by contributing funds to buy plants, gardening tools, pots etc. and some may contribute potted plants.

In meeting our primary objective, we also want to meet our secondary objective and that is to create an avenue for our members who have green hands, to serve the Lord in the gifting God grants them. If you are interested to serve in this ministry, you may contact the coordinators Kelly or Clara Choo.


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